My Nightmare

Psalm 46:1

God is our refuge and strength,
    an ever-present help in trouble.

As a child I had this recurring dream that I was at a mall with my mother when suddenly the ground morphed into a tornado and she was ripped away from me while we still tried reaching for one other.  There was chaos everywhere but somehow I was safe from being sucked down with her. I remember always feeling so frightened and calling out and crying for her as id wake.

Its kind of odd in hindsight how this dream became a Metaphor for my life.


A child’s worst nightmare is to lose there parents and as a parent it is your worst nightmare to lose your children.

The older I’ve become the more she has been pulled further and further away from me (by her own choices). She has caused so much chaos and strife, but aside from emotional anguish I have been safe from her tornado since I as 16. Always watching and reaching for her as she continues to be sucked down.

Around and down the rabbit hole she goes.

When she’ll reappear no one knows.

Down a south bound river she flows.

Bringing chaos in her wake,

Saddness, anger, and heartache.

Please start fixing your mistakes.

Life is but a mystery,

Our decisions can become slippery,

Quickly becoming ancient history.

It’s time to make a difference,

And make up for the inflicted bitterness.

I will no long except your ignorance.

This is your last chance,

Please give it more then a sideways glance,

Create us a happy and loving circumstance.

~Casey T


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